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Productivity Improvements: Top Risk for 2014-15

According to EY's Mining Survey, the top risk category for 2014-2015 is productivity improvements.

How can you decrease your risk and improve productivity?

  • Look at your current data practices
  • Use out-of-box technology to build a strong data management foundation
  • Understand the three essential components to your data foundation:


What if you could impact total production by 5-7% per year ?

According to McKinsey Solutions' MineLens, companies could improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE) of their trucks by over 60% by tracking and monitoring trucks and their deployment.

The Power of Data

Not sure what an end-to-end data management system can do for mining operations? A strategically architected data management system will feed the right data to the right people and processes.


all the data into a trustable, reliable system

You have to trust the data you bring into your system. Regulators demand it and your bottom line might not improve without it.

We are talking not just about data itself, but:

  • how you structure data within areas and sites to create a common vocabulary for operators, engineers, managers, and planners to truly collaborate.
  • how it can scale to be implemented across processing area, sites, and the global enterprise.

Learn more about the technical features of a strategic data management foundation for operations data.


standardized digital data and structure digital assets and operations into models

Enable effective collaboration across different equipment, process areas, and sites:

  • Standardize: design the digital mine according to your organizations processes and culture
  • Model any continuous improvement methodology for
  • Learn and report through basic calculations and visualization to derive performance metrics, trends, reports, and KPI's to drive continuous improvement goals and initiatives for the plant.

Learn more about what Anglo American Copper did.


other key data sources

Increase the value of the infrastructure with data integration. Complete the enterprise model incorporating data from ERP, Scheduling and Maintenance, LIMS, Supply Chain Management, and Analytics Platforms (BI, Big Data and Advanced Visualization) to drive performance-based corporate initiatives.

Alcoa's award-winning SMART manufacturing initiative has enabled:

  • Getting workers to solve problems, not look for data
  • Deep collaboration within departments and between sites

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