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    The industrial world is being revolutionized by lower cost sensors, devices and connectivity allowing data to drive decisions and operational intelligence. To thrive in this world of industry 4.0 and IIOT, digitally transform your products and services to accelerate your strategies, gain competitive advantage and drive new value to your customers. Focus on your core products and services and capitalize on OSIsoft's investment in a fully-developed product by embedding the industry-standard PI System.

    • Быстрый выход на рынок

      • Complete, off-the-shelf, ready to implement
      • Provides fast time to value delivery
      • OSIsoft partners with you to ensure compatibility
    • Универсальность.

      • Broadly compatible
      • 450+ interfaces and connectors ready for any implementation
      • From edge to equipment to control room, PI System scales with you
      • Web APIs and connectors enable full customization
    • Доказанная эффективность

      • 35+ years of global leadership across industries
      • 20 000+ existing PI System customer sites
      • 1 600+ success stories
      • 300+ engineers
      • 127 countries
    • Надежность

      • Complete, singular truth
      • Online and on-premises visibility
      • Continuously up to date
    • pi system

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    Leave No Asset Behind

    Connect previously unconnected assets by integrating PI System on the Edge


    Equipment Manufacturers
    Create Disruptors

    Embed the PI System directly on your products.

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    OSIsoft Value

    A Shorter Sale Cycle with OSIsoft
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    Sigmafine + PI System

    Top 5 Reasons

    Top 5 Reasons to OEM the PI System

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