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    PI Integrator for Microsoft® Azure

    Fast track your start to a
    data science experiment

  • Your operational data is a gold mine of value, and when coupled with predictive and machine learning algorithms, its value is extended even further. The PI Integrator for Microsoft Azure enables you to easily provide trustworthy operational data to the tools business analysts and data scientists are familiar with. This reduces the need for data extraction code or SQL queries.

    Key capabilities include:

    • Reducing data-preparation time from months to minutes
    • Generating authoritative production reports that prevent wasted time on figuring out who has the accurate spreadsheet
    • Creating automated, reusable analysis models that accelerate time to insight and cut the cost of reporting
    • Controlling system complexity and enhancing the value of your data and current business analytics tools

  • Accelerate Your IIoT Strategies

    Discover how you can accelerate your digital transformation and IIoT strategies by leveraging the PI Integrator for Business Analytics.

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  • “...not only can save time in just moving to the next step in fermentation. You can actually save time in the future steps of fermentation…”

    Brian Faivre, Brewmaster of Operation, Deschutes Brewery

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  • Discover Streaming IIoT Analytics-Ready Data, Context and Insights

    Learn how the PI Integrator for Microsoft Azure eliminates data scrubbing and delivers streaming analytics-ready data to Microsoft Cortana Intelligence, Power BI and Azure IoT.

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